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Excel Templates are being used for different purposes such as billing the tenants, keeping track of all the projects and worked hours of the employees and keeping a record of sales items and products of the company since their invention. A new and exciting addition in invoice templates is the introduction of Catering Invoice Template which is generally used by catering companies to quote prices to their clients.

Usability And Development

Catering is a lovable and enjoyable job for those people who love to cook food for others in the parties, events or occasions or feel charm in preparing dishes for themselves and make fusion with different recipes as their enjoyment. Catering Invoice Template is very easy to use and customize. First write the name of the client, their company, their billing address, and their phone numbers on your catering invoice. Under them, list the event date, invoice number, and the customer identification. Under Client Contact Info and Details, write your company name, the type of catering job (for example, “Catered Wedding” or “Catered Formal Party” etc.), payment terms, and a payment due date along with type of payment. Make sure to consider the cost of service at your catered event which includes the amount of servers, bussers, bartenders and other waiters or staff needed. Inform your clients about the complete food menu at their event in your template. In the end mention your catering terms and conditions on a separate sheet in your template.

catering service invoicecatering service invoice Template


With the development in this template, several features are added in it which makes it more easy to use. These features include Type of Event and its Cost which will be different for different events depending on their service and importance, Date of Event which will impact the cost of events e.g. events arranged on holidays and favorable seasons will be more expensive than events on working days and Location of Event which will be varied depending on the cost your client pays. All these features will make your catering business more effective and reliable.


Catering Invoice Template is the best way to inform your clients about your catering services. It s aves your time and energy as you can not only create a specific invoice template for each customer who uses your services frequently but you can also create new invoice from the same template again and again once you have saved it. It is a reliable and effective way to boast your catering services.

Target Customers

Catering Invoice Template is designed for catering companies who want to inform their clients about their catering services in a professional way. This template is useful for those people and companies who cannot list all their clients’ information on separate pages. This template will not only save their time but will also strengthen their relation with their clients by providing them specific and detailed information about catering services.

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