Company Invoice Template-Your Virtual Gateway to a Secure and Updated Business

Microsoft Excel is a simple and easy way to run and establish great businesses worldwide as it provides a permanent and secure passage to manage your business and companies online via different templates which keep an up to date track and record of your work.

Company Invoice Template is one of the many useful templates of Microsoft Excel which is designed to keep a track of different items or to bill for specific items by the hour.

Usability and Development

Company Invoice Template is very easy to use and work with. It is made with a purpose to keep a daily or hourly record of bills for different items of a company. It contains various columns like Unit and Price column where you write the fixed price and quantity of every listed item. The Taxed column in this template helps you to determine whether sales tax is applied on a particular item or not. Then you can apply charges on each item accordingly. In case of providing quote to your customer, use either separate quote template in excel or you can also add a separate column for quote in this template where you can write specific details about the items or your work rules.

This template was originally designed to be used in small businesses as simple invoice template fCompany Invoice Template-Excelide Company Invoice Templateor billing and keeping record of specific items daily or by the hour. However with the development in this template, several features are added in it to make it more appealing and worth using for its users. Now the latest version of Company Invoice Template contains various sample invoices with different worksheets all having same basic features and layout including a Unit Cost and Quantity column for each item, different formatting tools like fonts, colors and original classic designs along with Conditional formatting tools such as highlighting prominent items in a list and inserting rows and columns in the template for easy and effective use.


Company Invoice Template is designed as a perfect budget-friendly solution for service companies, consultants, businessmen and freelancers. It not only makes your business look professional and  easy to use but it also provides you with a permanent solution of keeping an up to date record of all your clients’ and company’s items and working process.

One of the major specialities of this template is that it is compatible with nearly every spreadsheet program. It works easily and efficiently with Google Spreadsheets, OpenOffice, and all versions of Excel which makes it one of the most popular and widely used templates in Excel.

Target Customers

Company Invoice Template is designed for companies running small and large businesses worldwide and for the consultants and employees of these companies who want to manage their work and business appropriately in a short duration of time. Such people and companies can not afford to waste their time by writing all the details of their items and business on a paper so they use this template for this purpose.

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