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The increasing and excessive use of Microsoft Office in the past few decades has lead to introduction and invention of numerous exciting and easily customizable features such as colorful themes, template designs and several easy to use word and excel spreadsheets tools. These new and innovative features are constantly increasing the usage of Microsoft Office.

Consultant Invoice template in Excel is a very innovative feature of excel which is used to record both hourly charges and charges for fees, parts, and equipment.

Usability and Development

Consultant Invoice template is basically designed to keep an up to date record and track of fee charges and equipment charges. However with the development in this template, now we have different service invoices available having novice features which are not only helpful but also easy to work with. These include general invoice  for listing a description and an amount, specific service provider that charges on hourly rates, sales invoice template that keeps the record of business sale products and their prices, IT Consultant Invoice Template that is helpful in running IT business.

It is very easy to use this template as it contains separate sections for the prices and fees of every item including the items which require sales tax. You can rate different charges for different items or you can also charge same rate for each line item. You first have to add the names and addresses of your clients into the customer list and after that you can select the client ID from a drop down box. This template gives you a complete choice to work according to your choice. There is also a place in the header for recording the Work Order or Purchase Order of the client which makes it easy to manage and access the client’s work by looking at this specific number.


This template is very beneficial as it helps the companies to maintain a proper record of the charges of their products, equipment and sale items. The companies who are dealing with business of sales and purchase of products and equipment can use this template as it helps them to keep.an up to date track of the charges of their products. It is also helpful for people who can not maintain a constant and proper record of their sales item and their fees. Such people can use this template to keep track of their expanded business and to run it more effectively.

 Customer Target

This template is designed for consultants, service providers, and other small businesses. Excel templates are used by professionals in accounts and project management. These people do not want to create reports and waste their time. It is easy for them use templates and edit them. For this purpose, excel templates are created to make people work more easily and efficiently without wasting their precious time.

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