How to get benefit from Rental Invoice Template

Microsoft Office is not only used for making assignments, projects or slide presentations but due to introduction of new and exciting features in it, now one can also keep a record of his clients’ works, payments and can also inform them about their due rent.

If you have a tenant who never pays his rent on time then fret not, Rental Invoice Template is designed to send professional reminders to your tenants in case they forget to pay the bills or rental charges.

Rental Invoice Template

Usability And Development of Invoice Template

Rental Invoice Template is generally used to track all payments, invoices, and late fees charged to the tenants. It includes a specific place in the header at the top right corner to list the property associated with each of your tenant’s account. If you have multiple properties associated with your tenant, make a separate file or a copy of the worksheet in order to keep everything within the same workbook. If you want to show only current transactions for the specific month in your Rental Invoice Template, just enter a Balance Forward in the first line of activity table to show only current month’s transactions and billing statements of your tenants.

With the development in this service invoice template, a new Remittance feature is added in it for the ease and understanding of the tenants. The Remittance section located at the bottom of excel worksheet helps the tenant to see the Due date and Balance due which ensures them that their payment is correctly processed.


How to get Benefit?

Rental Invoice Template not only helps you to keep an up to date record and track of your tenants’ rents, charges and fees but also helps you to inform your tenants about their due rent in a professional way if they forget to pay it within due date. This sample invoice template saves your time and energy as the people who have big houses or shops on rent can keep the proper record of payment of their every tenant. It also helps you to know whether your tenants are paying their rent completely and in the specified time or not.


Target Customers for Invoice Template

Rental Invoice Template is the modern and advance form of original billing statement template. This commercial invoice template is specifically designed for landlords who always worry about the rent of their tenants and want a simple, easy and effective way to bill their tenants through blank invoice template. It provides a simple and effective way to keep track of all the invoices, payments, and fees charged to the tenants.

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