Multiple Project Management Tracking Templates

Excel-Tracking-TemplateFor big companies and enterprises dealing with multiple clients at once and working on more than one project at a time, keep a tracking template of all the different operations and requirements of a project is essential. No matter how good a team is at managing multiple projects at the same time, an electronic reminder of all tasks and deliverable is crucial to minimizing delays and errors in the operations.

Excel Template for Project management tracking:

The essential characteristics of any multiple project management tracking template include:

Collaborative to evaluate the progress:

Templates must have the ability to, and many software generally can, be able to be shared with people involved in the project, like clients, contractors or freelancers. By using excel templates, all the stakeholders can keep a track of the progress of the project and be able to evaluate the progress according to the development of the project tasks.


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The tracking template is able to notify the workers about the deliverable and the deadlines of the individual tasks under a larger project. In this way, you can depend on the tracker to update you about the times of the meetings, for example, that had been set by the client or your own company. It can also collaborate with all the workers and make sure that nobody misses the mark for either achieving a goal or attend a meeting.

Expenses and Time Estimation of project using template:

By entering the details in excel template about all the resources being applied in carrying out a project and the amount of finances and time being spent on achieving them, you can keep a live and updated tack of the expenses being incurred by the firm. This template is the most important component as it can help the project managers keep a track of the feasibility of the project and know when to invest more into it or stop doing so.


Deliverable and Completion Status of tasks:

This section serves also an important function by helping the workers in keeping an active list of all the main tasks that need to be completed in the course of the project. By continuously updating the status of all the tasks, you can also keep a check on the amount of time needed to complete the project or if it will be completed well before the deadline.

Project management excel template

Commenting of a task progress:

Since the projects involve more than one stakeholder and hence the opinion of each and every person in the team counts, it is very important to have this option in the tracking template. It provides you an option for commenting on the progress of a task or on the completion of a deliverable and hence motivate the team in case they are successful in achieving a goal well before time.

Prioritize the tasks of the project:

Excel template can help you in clearly marking the priority of each task which is part of the project so that the progress on the work and the entire team is cognizant of the work flow and importance of each deliverable.

Therefore, by implementing these very important components in the multiple project management tracking template, many project managers can ease the workload in their life and assemble all the relevant details regarding the time, expenses and resources to be allocated to what and what deliverable on the same page of a program.

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