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When starting out a project or a business in an industry, it is important to understand its impact in the industry on a more generic level. Furthermore, it is very crucial to assess whether or not the goals and strategic aims of the project aligns with the strategy of the whole business and what sort of an overall impact it has in the industry.

Professional business case template:

Executive Summary

This entire section deals with highlighting the following factors:
a. General information regarding the suggested project or the business solution.
b. The benefit of conducting a project along with possible concerns, recommendations and justifications associated with it.
c. Detailed plan of goals, performance and quality measures, assumptions and constraints of the project
d. The alternative options for the project, in case it doesn’t prove to be feasible


Business Case Analysis Team:

This section will highlight the members of the team who devised the project in the first place and also serves to highlight the roles and responsibilities of all the team members for carrying out the business case as well as the project itself.

Problem Definition:

  • Defining the problem for the project was created to solve and it may be simply a process or a technological product.
  • Organizational Impact on the changes that the project will bring out in the current system of the company’s business processes, hardware or software and explain any new roles that might be emerging or the changes in the existing roles, if required.
  • Technology Migration is the process of integrating the new technology associated with the new project into the old system and how the data from the old systems will be shifted to the new one.

Project Overview

This section involves detailed information about all the following sub-sections:
o The purpose and aims of the project are closely tied with the business goals and how the project will address them.
o Performance Criteria that measures a project’s progress and success based on the key resources, its processes and the services being provided.
o The preliminary assumptions of the proposed task will develop with the course of the project.
o Basic constraints of the projects to serve the same function as that of stating assumptions.
o The milestones and target dates help keep the project on schedule and micro-managed.

Strategic Alignment

This section aligns the aims and goals of the project with that of the organization or firm in order to maintain organizational support and excellence.


Cost Benefit Analysis

The entire professional business case quantifies the outcomes of the project so that they can be simply compares the costs of the projects with that of the benefits that the project promises and whether it is feasible to go ahead with the plan.

Alternative Solutions/Analysis

This section highlights the alternative business solutions or projects that can be undertaken to reach the basic goal and also the reasons why they were not considered to be the best business solution or project that the company requires.

All above discussion will explain by using case templates you can match the usefulness of your nominated project or a resolution.

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