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A Quickest And Surest Way To Manage Your Daily Projects

Modern age is the age of science and technology due to the numerous fanciful gadgets and inventions constantly floating around. These scientific advancements have not only improved our lives manifold but has also made it more luxurious and comfortable. Where we stand today, we owe a lot to our technological age.

Project Management Excel Template

One of the most wonderful and useful inventions of science are computers and internet which came around the 20th century in the world. These miraculous gadgets have completely revolutionized our lives by making our vast Earth-a global village. They are a vital source of this widespread knowledge, communication and information that surrounds us today.

Microsoft Office is a very innovative and effective tool of the computer comprising of various efficient features including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel which are frequently used by the people belonging to every walk of life as they enable them to complete and accomplish their multiple project tracking template tasks, assignments, reports, dissertations and tables, figures and charts simultaneously, accurately and rapidly. Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful feature of Office often used by the students, employees and freelancers to carry out their tasks, assignments and projects on daily basis. Recently, it has designed several innovative tools known as templates which are widely used all around the globe by various professionals for managing their daily, weekly and monthly projects along with keeping an exact track and record of their time, issues and work done.

Project Management Template-Keeping Your Daily Projects Up-To-Date

project plan template is the discipline used for planning, organizing, and managing resources and tasks in order to bring about the successful and timely completion of specific projects by fulfilling their required goals and objectives. In the absence of certain measurable goals and the records of resources, projects cannot be completed successfully and in the given amount of time.

There are several useful tools prepared by experts for project plan template. One such program utilized frequently to keep a track of the daily completed projects is Microsoft Excel Template. Multiple project tracking template excel is one of the many useful templates which is generally designed for the purpose of keeping a record of all the projects completed by a particular employee during a specified amount of time.

Working With Project Management Excel Template

Project management template is generally used to turn the project data into easily readable graphics. This report is an easy and smooth way of conveying your project status to your clients and stakeholders without leaking each and every detail of your project to them.

Working With Project Management Excel Template

Project management template is very easy and simple to use owing to its basic and easily understandable features. In order to manage and keep a track of your projects, you have to follow the steps given below in detail:

  1. Firstly, create two tabs for housing the graphs and the verbal/numerical data of your projects in the template.
  2. Then, rename your template by clicking on the column given for this feature.
  3. Add as many tabs as you like in the template by clicking plus sign icon to the right of the template.
  4. Add all your project data in the Notes tab given at the bottom of the template. This data will then be utilized in future to make graphs regarding your project.
  5. Make a project task table along with the Gantt chart in the template.
  6. In the Notes tab, create columns for inserting task headers, assigned to, start and end date, duration and status of your projects.
  7. Add all the information related to the excel project management in a table reserved for it.
  8. List the tasks in your project along with their respective status as complete, overdue, still in progress or not started yet.
  9. You can also add a priority column in your tasks table for conveying importance of certain tasks over others.
  10. Then, add graphs for task status, budget of the projects and items still pending. In the template.
  11. In the Notes tab, you can also insert a micro table for the data that you wish to visualize.

Multiple Project Tracking Template

In order to customize your template you can:

  • Change the background color of task tables in your template by clicking on a cell of paint bucket in the Home tab.
  • Change the colors in the Gantt charts by double clicking on a task bar and formatting it with the fill button and the paint bucket icon on the template.
  • Change the colors of the graphs of your project by double clicking on the whole graph and then formatting it by clicking the paint bucket icon, and fill icon at the bottom of the template.

Project Management Template In Excel-An Effective Tool For Tracking Your Projects

Project management template is a very useful template which is effective for any project, be it big or small, simple or complex. The main benefits of working with excel project plan template in excel include:

  1. It helps its users in estimating the time of every task in the project, figuring out the resources used to complete the tasks and assigning activities to various team members.
  2. In a single glance, you can share and mention your timeline of the project, overall status of every task, budget schemes and items still pending in the template.
  3. It contains various pre-built templates that enable its users to track their projects easily and more accurately.
  4. Gantt charts in the template are designed in such a way that they can automatically adjust every time you alter your task information.
  5. With the presence of advanced and rich features including discussions, reminders and attachments, it is very easy to store all the project information in one place for quick reviewing and altering whenever you feel like.

Usability Of Project Management Template In Excel

Project management template is generally designed for:

  • Employees and workers of organizations and industries
  • Freelancers
  • Contractors
  • Businessmen
  • Stakeholders
  • Project managers and project heads
  • Team leaders who need to deal with multiple projects tracking simultaneously on daily basis.

In short, we can say after this elaborative report on project management template in excel that it is surely the most useful, effective, efficient and innovative tool for tracking your professional projects on regular basis.

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