Sales Dashboard Template – A Virtual Analysis of your Sales Activities

Microsoft Excel has been widely used for making graphs on worksheets and for making various projects for the past few years. With the invention of the excel templates, it has now become very easy to work with these powerpoint dashboard templates on various business projects and reports.

Sales dashboard template is designed for keeping a record of sales activities of any organization and also for analyzing the growth or decline in the sales of the company.

Sales Dashboard Template

Usage and Development

Sales dashboard template is used by several companies for analyzing the rate of progress of their sales activities on daily or weekly basis. This dashboard template free is very easy and simple to work with because o its basic yet novice features. On the upper left corner of this inventory spreadsheet template, write your point of view which includes three columns namely unit price, all products and year of analysis. Below it enter the units, budget rates, actual price and variance in amounts in separate columns given in the template.

With the recent development in this free dashboard template, now you can analyze all your sales activities in all directions of the world including North, South, East and West. Now you can also make graphs and pie charts of your sales activities in the space provided in the project dashboard template below the columns.


Sales dashboard template is very beneficial for the users as it enhances the progress of the sales companies by analyzing their sales activities in the form of graphs and pie charts on daily or weekly basis. This dashboard template helps its users to keep an eye on the progress and success or decline of their companies’ performance with the help of this executive dashboard template.

Target Customers

Sales dashboard template is designed keeping in view the companies and organizations who deal in sales activities on daily basis. This sales report template helps such companies and their employees to analyze their progress on daily basis.

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