Sample of Bank Deposit Slip Template

A bank deposit slip is largely used to record the following information:

  1. Date of Deposit
  2. Name of Depositor
  3. Account number of the Depositor
  4. Amounts of Cheques and cash being deposited

The bank deposit slip is then used to verify the funds received against the amount written on the slip. This document serves a very important role in keeping track of the accounts for you. It doesn’t essentially need to be the bank’s deposit slip and you can also create a substitute for yourself in an Excel spreadsheet. There are many advantages of doing this.


First of all, the Excel spreadsheet helps in calculating and totaling your banking details and finances. Secondly you can save it as an electronic copy of deposit slip and increase easy accessibility of the information for yourself. Furthermore, Excel can actually create a template for your bank deposit slip that you can submit to the bank and they will accept it.

Template for Bank Deposit Slip:


Primarily, the template of the Bank Deposit Slip has the following important categories and sub-categories:

1. Cash

  • Amount: Provides you with a list of options to enter the amount that you deposited in the bank.
  • Cash Total: Through this cell, you can keep a check on the sum total of the amount that has been deposited in a specific time frame or otherwise.

2. Cheques:

  • Drawer: Here you can enter details regarding who drew the last amount from the bank on the deposit slip.
  • Bank: It will help you keep a track of from which bank was the last drew made or the amount deposited at.
  • Branch: This will keep a record of the branches of the bank that you have accessed for making deposits over a particular time period so that in case of any problem or query, you can reach the bank officials directly in the specific branch rather than going through other administrative hassles.
  • Amount: Financial record of the amount of money withdrawn or deposited through cheques.
  • Last Receipt Number: This way you can keep track record of your bank deposit slips issued or received from the bank for reference.
  • Cheque Total: The total amount of money transacted through cheques.
  • Bank Total: The total amount of money deposited at the bank over a time period.

3. Analysis

  • Descriptions: You can use this section elaborately to keep a record of where or how the money was spent or how much the money was deposited at some point in time. This will also allow for keeping a record of loans you might have to repay or earnings you might be making from different ventures.
  • Account: This will keep a record of all the active accounts you are accessing for depositing your money or withdrawing it.

4. Grand Total:

The total amount of money transacted in the course of ventures mentioned in the bank deposit slip.


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