Subcontractor Invoice Template to Manage your Contracts

Excel templates have been used to keep an up to date record of time and work of the companies, to store and manage the billing information of the clients and to make invoice receipts of the shipped items for past several years. These subcontractor templates have not only made our life easy but they have also made us able to do our work more efficiently and effectively.

Subcontractor Invoice Template is designed for contractors of small companies who want to manage their work easily through virtual ways.

Usability and Development

subcontractor-invoice-templSubcontractor invoice sample is designed generally for small companies and their contractors so that they can carry out their work easily and effectively. This template is easy to use and work with because of its simple yet innovative features. All these features are not only distinct and unique but they are very feasible to work with as well.

On the upper left corner of this template, write your Assignment number, Order number and Due date in the given space. On the upper right corner of this template, enter Project name, Architect name and Supervisor name in the space provided. Below it, mention all the necessary details about your company such as its Name, Web and Postal Address, Phone number and your company logo. Then, in the large columns given below, enter the information regarding Description of work performed, Number of projects done and Total amount. On the lower left side of this template, write the details regarding the company whom project is submitted and the bank details like its name in the given space.

With the recent development in this template, now you can work more effectively with its unique innovative features such as the additional columns for specific projects’ details including separate spaces for each work done along with its number and price.


Subcontractor Invoice Template is very useful for the companies who hire professional contractors for their various projects as it keeps an up to date record of all the projects performed by the contractors along with the number and amount spent on every project. This template helps its users to complete and manage their contracts and projects efficiently in less amount of time.

Target Customers

Subcontractor form template is specifically designed for contractors of multinational companies who want to deal with their clients on daily basis as they have to complete various projects for them. These people can not afford to manage their business and projects efficiently on separate papers; therefore, this template is the best solution for such contractors and their companies.



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