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Making assignments, projects, charts and tables is no more an intricate and time consuming task as the introduction of Microsoft Office in our computers has made our professional journey quite easy and enjoyable. With the quick and timely access of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint slides and Excel templates, our work has not only become minimized but also more accurate and advanced.

Blank Invoice Template is one of the most basic and easy templates in Excel which is designed for small businesses to bill the customers.

Usability and Development

Blank Invoice Template is a printable Excel template used by local and small companies to bill their customers. It is one of the basic and initial templates of Microsoft Excel.

This template is very simple and easy to use because of its basic features. In order to use this template, first customize it by writing the name of your business and inserting a logo in the header. Then write your mailing address at the bottom of the template. After that edit the line at the bottom by writing the name of the customer to whom the check is drawn to. In the last, print as many copies of this template as you need.

With the development in this template, now you can work with different advanced features of this template. If you want to use this template in a field, you can work with a clipboard and some carbon paper (easily available from an office supply store) which enable you to keep a copy the receipt or template for your own personal records besides giving a copy of this template to your customer. Now you can also pay a commercial printing company to print this custom excel invoice template for your company either on carbon paper or as a receipt book for quick and affordable services.


Blank Invoice Template is a very simple, basic and easy to use invoice template in Excel. It is designed to bill the customers and clients in a simple and manageable way. It is a printable invoice template which contains and uses an ink-friendly design to save printing costs. It contains no complexities such as intricate formulas or calculations as it is specifically designed to be printed and filled out by hand. Any ordinary worker can easily use and manage this template because of its easy design.

Target Customers

Blank Invoice Template is specially designed for small businesses and their employees that still prefer to use a blank invoice form to bill their customers. It is commonly used by repair services that want to collect an immediate check after doing their work as they visit a home or business on daily basis for their work.

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